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Not looking for just a Beach Holiday..................

Designed to thrill...

The Action Adventure package is designed for those who want to feel alive....adrenalin will come naturally. Each activity has been specially selected for quality of adventure but always in a safe controlled environment. As always be sure to check with your Doctor if you have concerns on any of the activities involved.

We have put together the best of what St Lucia has to offer and will organise all activities for you including transportation.

Canopy Adventure

The Tree Top Adventure Park, is located 50 minutes from the hotel. The ultimate experience is in the pairing of Zip Line technology with the beautiful eco-system created by our island. The Rainforest Canopy Adventure is a rocket ride 30 to 50 feet off the ground on 550 foot runs of cable suspended between platforms in the tree tops. This is designed to deliver a thrill, safely!

Piton Hike

Gros Piton rises from Sea Level to an impressive 2619ft high. This is a demanding hike and takes around four hours to complete. Starting from the picturesque village of Fond Jen Libre you walk along a line of fruit trees. Quickly you get to the start of the climb and begin your assent. The hike is done without ropes or climbing equipment but as always good walking boots are an advantage. The views from the top are simply breathtaking.

Snorkelling Excursion

The clear Caribbean waters of Saint Lucia are legendary. Only a few feet from the shore line lies a stunning variety of coral, sponge and marine life. Your “tour guide”, Chester, an experienced Dive Instructor. Being from a fishing background he knows the best sites to visit. You will experience them first hand, gliding through the warm tropical waters.

Sulphur Springs

The worlds only drive in Volcano is a must see when visiting Saint Lucia. At Sulphur Springs Park you are in the middle of a dormant volcano and on the site of the last recorded eruption in St. Lucia in 1766.  The park’s main attraction is its sulphur springs - an impressive collection of boiling springs and fumeroles that is seated 305 metres above sea level.  The springs, from which the area gets its name, Sulphur Springs, occurs at the intersection of two fault lines which traverse the centre of a large steep sided volcanic depression. 
Sulphur Springs has been described as, “the hottest and most active geothermal field in the Lesser Antilles”.  As you walk or drive through the park, you will actually be moving over a magma chamber just about 2 km beneath the area’s surface.  This magma chamber is responsible for heating the rocks above it, which in turn heats a combination of rainwater that seeps into the ground and seawater from the Caribbean Sea that has seeped into the substratum, giving rise to boiling springs with temperatures between 70 – 90oc and fumaroles with temperatures of up to 172oc.  These boiling springs give rise to the world famous therapeutic waters at Sulphur Springs Park.

Tet Paul Nature Trail

The Tet Paul Nature Trail is nestled on six acres of lush, verdant land in the farming community of Chateau Belair. The trail is located in the Piton Management Area, Saint Lucia’s World Heritage Site. Hiking the trail is like soaring heavenward on a beautiful, natural staircase. The hike is rated easy to moderate and is roughly 45 minutes long. The trail boasts some of the most spectacular views of the South of the island, the Jalousie Bay, Petit Piton and Gros Piton as well as Martinique and St. Vincent on clear days. The first stop is at the Kaye Kassav (Cassava Hut) where the Amerindian traditional art of farine and cassava production can be learned. The gentle ascent features nature at its best with a variety of exotic fruit trees, (e.g. guava, soursop, avocado) as well as medicinal plants and trees. The Traditional House takes visitors back in time to how our fore-fathers lived. The Tet Paul Nature Trail is undoubtedly the gateway to heaven.

Action Adventure Package $2000 USD

Prices includes tax at 8%. Included in this package:

  • Seven Nights’ Accommodation in Beach Front Suite
  • All activities above including all equipment, fees and private transportation.
  • Transfers from your Airport of Choice.
  • Full Breakfast is included.
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